Tradition is our advantage

The beginnings of operation

Początki działalności

After the end of world war I, year 1918 brought the beginning of a difficult period of rebuilding the Polish state. One of the key elements of this process was reorganisation of the railway network which, due to partitions, was composed of three different systems. This gave rise to the need to print railway tickets in the Polish language.

Year 1922 was the turning point. The Commercial-Tariff Department of Directorate of State Railways in Cracow purchased several used printing machines. A team composed of eight persons managed by of August Wayda and purchased machine park laid foundations for the establishment of the railway printing house which was named Manufactory of Railway Tickets with its seat in Cracow at The Railway Square.

Initially, only card tickets and blank tickets were printed for the given relations, to be used in check-outs and for additional payments, and they were issued if necessary by the ticket inspector.


Dynamiczny rozwój

Year 1924 brought dynamic development of the printing house. Specialised printing machines were purchased and introduced in service - for instance by Georg Goebel Darmstadt.

In 1934, the Manufactory of Railway Tickets was renamed into the Railway Printing House. From that time, for the Ministry of Railways, the printing house became its own manufacture of pre-numbered and registered prints and serial forms used in PKP.

The end of the 1940’s was an intensive period of reconstruction and successive development of the printing house. Production was doubled at that time. The reserves of production capacity enabled to extend the service function.



In the mid 80’s, an overhaul modernisation process of the printing house was commenced. The traditional method of typesetting was replaced with computer setting, typographic print was replaced with offset printing and the great number of inconvenient and time-consuming manual activities in the bookbindery was eliminated by introduction of specialised machines and devices.

In the 1990’s, a huge emphasis was put on the development of security systems of monetary value print. Tanks to the newly purchased machine “Ecoprint” manufactured according to the customised design order of PKP for the purpose printing tickets of the “90” route - ticket production was transferred from Germany to Poland. Our printing house performed orders regarding tickets for the entire PKP network. Moreover, in this period a machine for hologram application was purchased.



In 2000, PKP Drukarnia Kolejowa was transformed into a limited liability company.

Since 2011, Drukarnia Kolejowa Kraków sp. z.o.o. has conducted its business in the newly built plant in Węgrzce k/ Krakowa at ul. Forteczna 20 A. New building, highly qualified staff and proper technological background guarantee order processing at the highest level and in the full scope (preparation for CTP printing, printing, bookbinding).