How to order

All crucial information for clients

Course of order processing


In case of questions, feel free to consult with the Marketing Department. Our job is easier when the Client sends the enquiry via email or fax:, , fax: 12 298 04 14. You can also use the contact form available on our website to send a message.


After we receive the enquiry, we prepare the calculation for you on the basis of the technical specification, therefore we request for specification of all necessary parameters. Another crucial information at the valuation stage is the printing date.


The offer, prepared as soon as possible, is usually send to the client by e-mail.


If the client is interested in our offer, we procced to determination of the terms of payment, date of performance and date of delivery of the files. Files can be uploaded on our FTP server.


After all processing details are established, the Client or a marketing employee drafts the contract or order


Please send your order by email or fax: , , fax: 12 298 04 14.


Orders are processed by the Technological and Production Preparation Department- tel. 12 298 04 13.


After the files are checked the employees proceed to work on the order. The process of work planning on each section is started - from pre-printing to bookbindery and shipping.


Manufactured products are sent to the Client by courier service or delivered by our own transport system.

  • How to prepare an order?
  • Click to download the order form

    The order should contain the following information:
    • data of the ordering party, payer and performing party
    • description of technical parameters and ordered items
    • printing price including VAT rate
    • terms of payment
    • processing date
    • delivery conditions (personal collection/ delivery to the specified address)
    • signature of an authorised person (listed in registered documents of the company)
  • How to prepare the files?
    • Publication can be prepared as one or several files, and the pages should be ordered according to pagination, taking free sections into account.
    • Materials for covers should be sent in separate files.
    • Images and bitmaps inserted in the documents must have at least 300 dpi resolution.
    • All fonts used in the document must be attached in the file.
    • Elements such as pressing, blanking dies and shadows for lacquer should be attached in a separate file.
    • Please prepare the blanking die as an stroke. Cutter and bender lines must be differentiated.
    • Colours should be generated in the CMYK colour model. Black text should have K value: 100% - cannot be a component of 4 CMYK colours
    • Files should contain bleeds - 3 mm around the side.
    • IN case of seamless binding - 2nd and 3rd page of the cover must have space provided for gluing: back width + 6 mm.
    • Materials provided by you must have properly defined geometry: MediaBox (total size of the page), TrimBox (nett size of the page, after trimming).
    • Nett format (TimBox) must be adjusted in relation to the MediaBox.
    • Orientation of pages in the file must be the same for all publication pages.
    • Please upload the files on our FTP server. Logging credentials are provided to the clients by the employees of the Marketing or Technological and Production Preparation Division.